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Here in Wisconsin we have a number of places where unusual events have happened, and if you stay there like me, it could be one of the spookiest nights of your life. The oldest continuous Wisconsin hotel has a spooky bartender who still likes to serve his guests and turn the lights on and off without anyone in control.

The Pfister is arguably Milwaukee's finest hotel, and the hotel that accommodates every MLB team that visits the Brewers. The hotel has been in operation for over 150 years and for some reason seems to harbor some pretty active paranormal spirits. Maybe it's the cool old building they're in, or maybe there's a haunted victim, but the main spirit here is supposed to be quite friendly. People say the spirit of here must have been there long enough to move things, make silly noises and more. Players have left their rooms to sleep in the lobby and head to the hotel across the street.

Summer is hot, but the free breakfast of St. John offers a convergence of all cultures in the morning. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a full day of activities for the whole family, including hot dogs, hot dogs, hamburgers, burgers, fries and more.

TVs are equipped with high-quality cable channels, and if you want to keep snacks and light meals in your room, the air-conditioned room has a refrigerator and microwave. Find a Costco pharmacy that has been selected as a warehouse for your stay at this hotel. With cable TV, these air-conditioned rooms include a refrigerator and microwave, and air conditioning.

Discover the best rates to rent properties in St. George and Bristol at affordable rates, and discover some of the cheapest hotels in the state of Wisconsin and the nation. Care, "which includes a full-service fitness center, a gym, an indoor pool and a spa, as well as an outdoor pool.

The East River Trail offers scenic views of the East River, while the Preserve Trail leads through tranquil forests and jumps into the woods for a scenic hike along the Fox River and its tributaries. The Fox River Trail runs through the heart of Bristol, allowing you to enjoy the views and jump off the track for an easy walk or bike ride down to the coast.

If you want to see the countryside and enjoy a good wine, sign up for the De Pere Wine Bus Tour, which takes place in September. Expect to visit the historic reopening to buy tickets online in advance and get more information about the tour.

The Greater Zion Convention and Tourism Office is here to answer your check-in questions, so call 706 - 563 - 5714 or send an email or text

You can also participate in the educational series of the museum, which offers lectures and guided tours on the culture of the Oneida Nation. Florissant Fossil Beds : While world-class trout fishing is the main attraction, your adventure will also include fossils and fossilized sequoias. Read more about the history of florists in their fossil beds at the Florismart Fossil Bedbed Museum in Zion, Wisconsin. While world-class trout fishing is our main attraction, our adventure also includes a tour of fossil fossilized sequoias. Although world-class trout fishing is your main goal, you will still see fossil fossils of fossilization in our fossil beds in fossil-embedded red trees.

Irish migrant workers working in Pennsylvania's coal mines were created to oppose the exploitation of their workforce. If you want to, De Pere offers several historical sites and museums, including the Oneida Nation Museum, the Wisconsin Historical Society and the State Museum of Wisconsin. The museum features elegant and significant historic sites, as well as the First Nation Historic Site in the northernmost state of Wisconsin. The Oneidas Nation Museum presents the stories of Indians who occupied the region before the United States colonized the country.

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You can splash about on the beach at Lake George, fish in the lake, cruise or enjoy winter sports like ice skating. The outdoor ice rink is illuminated with various skates, snowshoes and snowboard equipment, and you can fish around the lakes.

If you like golf, De Pere offers a variety of golf courses that can make your stay in the city more memorable. Come and play a round of golf on one of the many golf courses in the city or come back later for a round on the golf course or at a local golf club.

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